Anton-Schneider-Straße 5, Bregenz


Weiss Box

Because we have to wait longer for our opening, we want to invite you to order Weiss for your home. Stay safe at home with Weiss! We are baking, pickling, fermenting, freezing and testing and we want you to be part of it.

Weiss to try at home.
Limited edition!

WOW Leute, das war wieder schnell!

Für diese Woche sind wir leider AUSVERKAUFT!
Ab Samstag 4.4. können hier die Boxen für die darauffolgende Woche bestellt werden.

Moist and tasty sourdough bread, flower sugar, homemade syrups, root-vegetable chips, fermented vegies, a vitamin booster made on verjus, rowanberries and aronia, fresh pastry and cakes, herb oils, pesto, salt caramel, dumplings… endless possibilities. To combine, to snack, to cook, to taste… with a little manual from us. Optionally with a bottle of wine or a bottle of Weiss Gin.

A random package as we like it. Without categories or any specific topic, just some stuff we like! You’ll be surprised!

We’ll take orders weekly until Thursday 12am. You’ll pick up or get the box delivered Fridays. There are 40 boxes per week. We deliver within a driving distance of 40km.

We are happy to keep on going, hoping for your support and glad to give you a little view into our Weiss.